Photographs of the second home

Does the purchase of a second home try you? The Camp-site Botanic prepared some sites intended to receive your mobile home. Our pieces, shaded, measure of 120 m ² to 150 m ². The hiring of the piece for the 9 months of opening is of 2.500 euros and the 3 months of guarding are offered to you. if you wish it, we can manage the hiring of your mobile home in your absence. Pour more information, find the co-ordinates of “Résid-Land”, the company which sells the mobile home, in the heading bonds. Come to visit the mobile Louisiana homes, IRM and Ohara, new or of occasion récente.

Retrouvez below the photographs of our unquestionable sites and mobile homes.

Ohara 734 T 2 chambres

Ohara 784 3 chambres

Ohara 1060 Résidentiel 3 chambres

Ohara 830 Résidentiel 2 chambres

Ohara 935 T 3 chambres

Ohara 834 2 chambres